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Slaybae Needle Cartridges: Designed for Precision and Compatibility

Our pack of 10 Slaybae Needle Cartridges is specifically designed for use with the Slaybae machine and certain other compatible wireless machines. Note that these cartridges are not a universal fit and are not compatible with the CLEO machine.

Key Features and Specifications:

  • Compatibility: These cartridges are designed to fit the Slaybae machine and select wireless machines with the same fit.
  • Safety Membrane Cartridges: Each cartridge includes a safety membrane, which helps to minimize the risk of backflow contamination.
  • Ink Flow Design: The cartridges are designed to facilitate a consistent ink flow, suitable for various ink consistencies.
  • Sterilization and Safety: Every cartridge is EO sterilized and individually sealed, with clearly marked lot numbers, manufacturing dates, and expiration dates for quality assurance.
  • Visibility: The clear cartridge design allows for full visibility, aiding in the monitoring of ink levels and flow.
  • Adjustable Needle Length: These cartridges feature an adjustable needle length, providing flexibility for different styles and techniques.

The Slaybae Needle Cartridges offer a reliable option for artists using the Slaybae machine and compatible devices, combining functionality with a focus on essential safety and performance features.