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Introducing BROW DADDYS' latest innovation in eyebrow tinting: our new brow tints are designed and formulated for sensitive skin and clients who prefer a soft and natural look without the bold staining on the skin that our hybrid tints provide. This formula is free from PPD and comes in three beautiful shades, allowing you to deliver naturally stunning results. It's designed to be gentle on the skin and brows. Discover the beauty of our 3 stunning soft shades. 

Soft Black: Perfect for clients who want a bolder look while keeping it natural.

Dark Brown: Our most popular shade suits most customers. It's a soft and neutral dark brown that complements various skin tones.

Medium Brown: Ideal for blonde customers and brunettes who prefer an ultra-natural finish.

Important Reminder: To achieve the best results with our BROW DADDY tints, don't forget to add our Cream Developer to your order! The developer is essential for activating the tints, used in a 1:1 ratio. Ensure your brows get the perfect color and lasting impact they deserve by pairing them with our specially formulated Cream Developer.

Cream Developer: A vital companion for our tints, this developer ensures vibrant, lasting color with a gentle, effective 1:1 mix formula. Perfect for every shade.