3D PRACTICE FACE - Hyper Realistic, Premium Silicone Skin

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3D Practice Face - Hyper Realistic, Premium Silicone Skin

Introducing our revolutionary 3D Practice Face – a breakthrough tool for permanent makeup artists. Made from premium silicone, this practice face stands out in the market for its exceptional ability to absorb pigment in a manner remarkably similar to human skin.

Key Features:

  • Realistic Pigment Absorption: Designed specifically for artists perfecting permanent makeup techniques, our 3D Practice Face offers a realistic experience in terms of pigment absorption. Whether you're practicing ombre brows, eyeliner, lips, or other brow techniques, this tool provides an accurate canvas for machine work.
  • Ideal for Shaping and Mapping: This 3D Practice Face is an excellent tool for artists honing their shaping and mapping skills. Its realistic dimensions and contours provide the perfect canvas for practicing these essential techniques in permanent makeup artistry.
  • Sticks to Surfaces for Easy Practice: One of the standout features of this practice face is its ability to adhere to surfaces, such as glass. This functionality allows for more realistic practice sessions, as you can work on the face at an angle and in positions that closely mimic real-life client scenarios.
  • Versatile Practice Tool: An all-around practice tool, it’s perfect for a wide range of permanent makeup applications – from brows to lashes, ensuring comprehensive skill enhancement.

Available in Three Shades:

  • DARK

Catering to diverse skin tones, our 3D Practice Face allows you to choose the shade that best fits your training needs.

Enhance Your Professional Skills

Whether you're a seasoned artist or a trainer guiding students, our 3D Practice Face is a valuable addition to your professional toolkit. It provides a highly realistic platform for practicing and refining permanent makeup techniques, helping you elevate your artistry with confidence.

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