3D PRACTICE LIPS (9 PCS) - Hyper Realistic, Premium Silicone Skin

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3D Practice Lips (9 pcs) - Hyper Realistic, Premium Silicone Skin

Elevate your lip artistry with our Hyper Realistic 3D Practice Lips. Designed for professionals who seek the utmost precision in lip blush and lip mapping techniques, these premium silicone practice lips offer an experience that closely mirrors working on real lips.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-Realistic Feel: Crafted from high-quality silicone, these practice lips provide a tactile experience akin to human skin, allowing artists to fine-tune their techniques with greater accuracy.
  • Perfect for Technique Refinement: Whether it’s lip blush, contouring, or full color applications, these lips are the ideal canvas for practicing and mastering a variety of permanent makeup techniques.
  • Essential Tool for Professionals: Indispensable for both experienced artists and trainers, these practice lips help in teaching and learning intricate lip artistry skills effectively.

Comprehensive Variety Pack:

  • The pack includes 9 pieces, ensuring a diverse range of practice opportunities:
    • LIGHT (3 pcs)
    • MEDIUM (3 pcs)
    • DARK (3 pcs)

This variety allows artists to experience working on different skin tones, adding versatility to their training and broadening their skill set.

Enhance Your Lip Artistry Skills

  • With these 3D Practice Lips, professionals can push the boundaries of their creativity and precision. They are a crucial aid in perfecting lip blush and mapping techniques, making them a must-have in any permanent makeup artist’s toolkit.

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