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BROW DADDY Brow Lift Kit - Only the Best for Your Clients

Elevate your artistry and client satisfaction with the BROW DADDY Brow Lift Kit, a symbol of our commitment to "Only the Best for Your Clients." This advanced brow lamination kit, designed for beauty professionals, brings the art of brow styling to new heights.

Revolutionize Brows with Our Signature Kit

  • Innovative Formula: Our exclusive formula raises the bar in brow lamination, transforming brow styling into an art form.
  • Dramatic Volumizing Effect: Achieve up to 300% fuller brows, turning each session into a transformative experience.
  • Added Value for Professionals: We've included an extra 15ml of our #1 LIFT solution in every kit to meet your professional demands.

Effortless 3-Step Process:

  • #1 LIFT: Begin the lamination process by lifting the brows, creating the foundation for a fuller, more defined look.
  • #2 SET: This phase sets the lifted brows into their new shape, ensuring lasting structure and definition.
  • #3 NOURISH: The final step nourishes the brows post-treatment, keeping them healthy and lustrous.

Kit Contents:

  • 2 x LIFT Solution
  • 1 x SET Solution
  • 1 x NOURISH Solution

Professional Use Only

  • Exclusively designed for professionals, this kit meets the specialized needs of beauty industry experts.

Keep 'em Fluffy, Babe

With enough materials for up to 35 treatments, the BROW DADDY Brow Lift Kit is your partner in consistently delivering outstanding results. It's a commitment to excellence in brow care, ensuring your clients always leave with beautifully crafted, well-nourished brows.