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From Raw Powder to Liquid Gold - Beauty in Your DNA

At DNA Pigments, we've unlocked the pigment code. Our secret lies in the raw powders expertly transformed into liquid beauty. Beauty in your DNA: Pigments meticulously crafted from the raw powder form set a gold standard for quality and performance, allowing artists to discover the DNA difference in every stroke. We believe that our approach speaks for itself, demonstrating that not all pigments are created equal. Elevate your artistry with DNA Pigments today.

Gold Collection Organics by DNA Pigments

A revolutionary range of eyebrow pigments designed for cosmetic tattooing. These ultra-pigmented colors are crafted for the artist who demands perfection and the client who desires a striking, long-lasting result. With an impressive 90-100% retention rate, these colors are formulated to stay true, ensuring vibrant, intense shades that last. Each pigment in this collection is a testament to our commitment to excellence, providing artists and clients alike with a product that not only looks stunning but also delivers consistent, reliable results. Experience the allure of bold, beautiful brows with our Gold Collection Organics – where artistry meets longevity.

DNA Pigments x BROW DADDY - Only the Best for Your Clients


Introducing Super Nova – the game-changer in the realm of permanent makeup pigments. This ultra-concentrated, deep orange hue is designed to be the perfect solution for correcting old permanent makeup that has lost its vibrancy, turning ashy or muted over time.

Super Nova stands out as an exceptional anti-ash modifier. Its potent formulation is perfect for enhancing any brow pigment, adding warmth and depth with just a touch. A small addition, just one or two drops into your pigment mix, is all it takes to transform and elevate your color application.

This pigment is not just a corrector; it's a vital tool for any professional looking to achieve flawless, long-lasting results. With Super Nova, you have the power to ensure that every brow treatment is a testament to your expertise, guaranteeing satisfaction with a color that stays true and vibrant. Make 'Super Nova' a staple in your kit and witness the transformation in your work.

REACH-Compliance Update for Our Valued European Customers:

We would like to inform our customers that our Gold Collection Minerals and Gold Collection Lips are REACH-compliant. We are committed to maintaining high standards of quality and safety across our product range. Regarding our Gold Collection Organics, these pigments are not currently REACH-compliant. We will be working on aligning them with REACH regulations and will provide updates as this process evolves.